Kid Management

In an effort to maximize the natural environment for our myotonic goat herd, all of our newborn kids are dam-fed and raised and are never dis-budded. If this is an issue, please contact us to seek alternative arrangement. All kids are given a CD&T vaccination before leaving the farm along with a vitamin B shot and a prophylactic dosage of SafeGaurd, all costs included in sale price, to ensure a smooth transition to their new home and environment. New owners will receive a detailed health sheet providing all relevant health and registration data for each kid. All kids will be registered under our herd name with the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR) and papers will be available for new owners upon receipt by the seller from the MGR. In the event of the sale of wethers buyers are responsible for the inclusion of registration fees of $8/kid with their deposit. ***UPDATE 1/1/2022 We will no longer be registering animals for buyers. All goats continue to be registerable and we will provide filled out paperwork and transfer papers to each buyer, however due to exceptionally long wait times with the breed registry and repeated frustrated buyers we will now pass that torch on to each interested buyer so that they can be secure in the timing of each submission.***

Reservations & Deposits

In the interest of protecting both the buyer and seller all farm sales of greater than $50 will require an executed contract and a final bill of sale that will detail the responsibilities of both parties. We encourage you to carefully review the documents and let us know if you have any questions or concerns before signing. Some key details are listed below:

We will require a nonrefundable $50 deposit to hold each kid less than 8 weeks in age, which will be applied to the kid’s purchase price at time of sale. Deposits may be made using cash, check, Venmo Paypal (a convenience fee of $1.75 applies). We typically anticipate kids to be available for sale after 10-12 weeks of age depending on their maturity and needs.  Upon receipt of deposit and any fees, a signed contract and scheduling of pick-up/delivery, a kid may be considered fully reserved and off the market. Until a deposit is received kids will remain for sale on a first come first serve basis. Any extensions from contracted sale date (either delivery or pick-up) are subject to boarding rates of $10/week. If no contact or updates are made by buyer 30 days after scheduled payment and pick up, the deposit will be forfeited and kids will be available for sale once again.

With all other goats, including mature animals, a nonrefundable $100 deposit will hold the goat, which will be applied to the goat’s purchase price. The goat must be picked up within 30 days of a signed contract unless specific arrangements have been made. After this time, boarding rates of $15/week will apply. Similarly, if no contact or updates are made by buyer 30 days after scheduled payment and pick up, the deposit will be forfeited and kids will be available for sale once again.

We reserve the right to retain any goat; kid or adult, at any time. Should we decide to retain a goat that you have put a deposit on, your deposit will be refunded. Nonrefundable deposits are only returned in this instance, OR in the unlikely event that something unforeseen happens to the goat while on our farm. In that case the buyer has the ability to also shift the deposit to any other available goat as well.

Sales Policy

To the best of our knowledge all our goats are sound and healthy at the time of leaving our property.  However, there are many environmental stresses and factors that remain well outside of our control and therefore once a goat leaves our property, we cannot guarantee its continued soundness or health. It is the buyers responsibility to understand both the short and long term requirements of any purchased goats as well as the inherent risks that may exist on your farm/their new environment. We will not take back any goat once it leaves our property. Our herd is available for inspection and health sheets/testing results are available upon request. We value transparency as buyers and seek to offer the same to our sellers. We encourage all buyers to both ask as many questions as possible during the purchase as well as after…we love to follow our animals at their new homes and are more than willing to lend help and advice!