Pastured Chickens

Seven Freedoms Farm is proud to offer healthy farm-fresh eggs for sale on a limited basis! Please contact us before purchasing to ensure availability! If you have not had the opportunity to taste and cook with free-ranged eggs we encourage you to give them a try!

A day in the life of our hens begins at sun-up when the crowing roosters wake us up, letting us know its time to let them leave the safety and protection of their coop. From then on, the birds freely move throughout hay fields, woods, creeks and spring beds in search of their quarry. The only time they return to their coop is to graciously leave us with their eggs! In the evenings, perhaps sensing elevated threats, they re-congregate and move as a single flock in the larger hay fields, before returning to their roosts within their secure coop for the night. This stands in stark contrast to store bought eggs, which come from hens kept in varying stages of confinement and with very static and monotonous feeds for life. Our birds do not see their beaks, spurs or feathers clipped – and instead enjoy their days in the most natural of ways. Our goal is to allow them to be as independent as possible and we currently only augment food in the coldest 2 or 3 months of the year. While we like to believe that our birds lead far happier lives than their commercial counterparts – their eggs are undeniably different – read on!


The chickens out on a ridge foraging.

Try this at home, crack a store bought egg and then one of our free-ranged eggs right next to it. The color, texture and way it cooks up all are quite different – and the reason is wholly in the very wide variety of healthy feeds that our hens consume. Greens, bugs, seed-heads and more all contribute to more than just color – free-range eggs have been found to contain far less cholesterol and fat then store bought eggs In addition, studies find that they contain twice as much vitamin E,  two to six times richer in beta carotene (a form of vitamin A) and  essential omega-3 fatty acids in free-ranged eggs to be 4 times more than in store-bought confinement raised eggs.


Our egg “color pallet!” A broad range of chicken species raised for hardiness and ability to forage.

The egg marketplace is filled with jargon; non-GMO, organic, free-range, pastured, barn-raised, cage-free….so on and so forth. Many of these are merely legal qualification/criteria that are often very deceptive. Although our birds would likely fall into any number of these catchphrase categories, we do not prescribe to them any particular term, certification or colorful label – but rather believe our consumers can best decide for themselves. Instead we will rely on our broad variety of shell-color, egg size and of course the golden orange yolk to tell the story!