Please browse our For Sale page which is made up mostly of our 2024 kids, but there are a few yearlings and older wethers available as well! Our sold kids have been archived on our website. Please note the sales price of each kid as well as an option to place a $50 deposit directly online. We encourage communication with us before placing ANY payments, and we reserve the right to cancel and refund any deposit if we do not feel that the new home would be right for the goat(s). The best way to contact us is via email at We also encourage anyone interested to come and meet the goats and visit our farm by appointment. We also can at times offer discounts on multiple goat purchases. Please email to inquire.

Use these helpful links to sort through and group our listings by ages and genders as we have quite a few babies available this season:
2024 Kids
2023 Yearlings
2022 Wethers

Doelings ******* Bucklings ******* Wethers

We are motivated to sell our yearlings and older wethers, and are happy to do larger bulk discounts on these going in groups!

If you see a pair which are labeled 1 and 2 of the same letter group (for ex. A1 & A2) – they’re siblings! We love when siblings go to homes together as they are always the most bonded and are less likely to experience the same amount of stresses as they transition to a new home!