About Us

Seven Freedoms Farm was founded by husband and wife team who were born and raised in New England and intentionally have worked our way south.  In May of 2013, we were blessed to stumble across a quaint old farmhouse needing much work. Since then it has grown to its current plat of 66 acres of rolling hills, dense stands of trees, babbling brooks and an original historic log farmhouse.  Our farm is  still neighbored by the previous homeowners who purchased/were born on the farm in the 1930s and worked and lived on the land into the 1970s when it slowly began to fall idle. In addition to our farming adventure, much of our time has been/continues to be spent restoring the original, 19th century farmhouse and working to realize as much as we can about its history and former inhabitants. Like many small farms, we started out with the mandatory chickens, then bought our first goat on a whim at a local fair, then had to have some pigs of course.  No farm would be complete without its farm dogs and a series of barn cats, both of whom add great fun and character to our property while simultaneously serving important pragmatic purposes as well.  Our mission is not only to raise animals that are hardy, sociable, and excellent representatives of their respective breeds, but also to live on this land in a way that gives respect and homage to the many who worked the land over the past few centuries.  We aim to be historically sensitive, active members of our community, and a resource to our neighbors, friends and others around us, as so many have been to us ! Follow along as we head into 2023 with many exciting changes and improvements coming to the Seven Freedoms Farm!