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We are proud members of Bedford Grown!


We proudly offer eggs from our free-ranged hens for purchase.  Our hens (and their roosters!) free range throughout the property, traveling into the woods, through the fields, and even into the streams.  We do occasionally supplement with feed during the very cold months, however even then the girls often succeed in finding appropriate food.  Our goal is to raise hardy animals who can live entirely off the land for the vast majority of the year.  Please contact us if you’re interested and read more about our hens here!  $3/dozen (cash price), limited availability – PLEASE CONTACT US PRIOR TO PURCHASING TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY – click on the paypal logo to purchase via our website!

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Our girls lay a full spectrum of egg colors. We hope to be adding some Copper Marans for even deeper colors!

Free Ranged Eggs


An important part of our farm operation is selling quality myotonic kids to spread both the fun and joy of raising myotonic goats and also to contribute to other breeders pool of genetics all the while producing a large bodied, strong, hardy and well developed meat goat!  We aim to have all offspring registered with the MGR prior to sale (please see “Policies” for more information).


American Guinea Hogs

American Guinea Hogs are a rare breed that are typically black, square. sturdy and generally smaller than most commercial breeds seen today. They are wonderful free range hogs with easy going friendly temperaments and make wonderful small farm hogs.  You can read more about the breed here. We have regular litters and will be expanding our herd further in 2018. Currently all of our summer 2017 hoglets have been sold or are spoken for!