Name: Olde Tyme Molly Pitcher – 7FF
Date of Birth: 11/18/2011
MGR #: C3981
Degree of Myotonia: 5
Horned, Brown Eyes
Fun Facts: Twin sister to Betsy and our herd queen!  She has been a wonderful mom!



Olde Tyme Betsy Ross – 7FF
Date of Birth: 11/18/2011
MGR #: C3982
Degree of Myotonia: 5
Horned, Brown Eyes
Fun Facts: Molly’s twin, and the most affectionate goat in the herd.

Amelia Earhart amelia 1amelia 2

Name: Green Pastures Amelia Earhart – HGP
Date of Birth: 12/22/2014
MGR #: C4407
Degree of Myotonia: 5
Dis-Budded, Brown/Black/Blue Eyes
Fun Facts: Little Amelia is a shy but sweet doeling, with *crazy* eye color!

rsz_dsc_0532Chrystal in a full faint!rsz_dsc_0979

Name: Sunshine Acres Aztec’s Crystal SAG
Date of Birth: 12/20/2012
MGR #: C0478
Degree of Myotonia: 4
Horned, Brown Eyes
Fun Facts: Crystal is a longer bodied myotonic…we are excited for her kids this spring!


Name: Beechkeld 1078 – BKL
Date of Birth: 03/30/2010
MGR #: B0608
Degree of Myotonia: 1
Horned / Gold Eyes
Fun Facts: 1078 is working on a new name, in the meanwhile she is just looking stunning!


Name: Beechkeld 1039 – BKL
Date of Birth: 03/27/2010
MGR #: B0599
Degree of Myotonia: 5
Horned / Gold Eyes
Fun Facts: 1039 escaped nearly immediately after we got home – the chase lasted half an hour!


Name: Ironweed at Seven Freedoms Farm – 7FF –  $250 – Sold
Date of Birth: 12/13/2014
MGR #: C6799
Degree of Myotonia: 3
Horned / Brown Eyes
Fun Facts: Ironweed takes the award for the loudest yell on the farm!


Name: Lil Coops Orange Jewelweed – LCC
Date of Birth: 4/23/2014
MGR #: C6801
Degree of Myotonia: 4
Horned / Blue Eyes
Fun Facts: Orange Jewelweed is our first blue eyed doe in the herd, she also is somewhat silky!


Name: Seven Freedoms Farm Sarah Lloyd Mays – 7FF
Date of Birth: 4/5/2015
MGR #: C5827
Degree of Myotonia: 5
Horned, Brown Eyes, Triplet Does
Fun Facts: I’m the closest in color to my mom!


Name: Seven Freedoms Farm Crimson Clover – 7FF
Date of Birth: 6/14/2015
MGR #: C6800
Degree of Myotonia: 4
Horned / Gold Eyes
Fun Facts: Crimson Clover has all the making of a nice burgundy red doe!

Seven Freedoms Farm MaggieCSeven Freedoms Farm MaggieC2DSC_0054

Name: Seven Freedoms Farm Maggie Cowhig – 7FF
Date of Birth: 1/14/2016
MGR #: Pending
Degree of Myotonia: 2
Horned, Brown Eyes
Fun Facts: I’m one of the more colorful does in the herd!

Seven Freedoms Farm Sally Schoonover1Seven Freedoms Farm SallieSSeven Freedoms Farm Sally Schoonover3

Name: Seven Freedoms Farm Sallie Schoonover- 7FF
Date of Birth: 3/13/2016
MGR #: Pending
Degree of Myotonia: 4
Horned, Brown Eyes
Fun Facts: I’m not quite as shy as my mom!