Myotonic Goats

Seven Freedoms Farm became an official member of and breeders with the Myotonic Goat Registry in the fall of 2014. Our herd is been tested annually and with new entrants for CAE, CL and Johnnes disease and we are proud to report that to date all have tested negative. Additionally we are certified FAMACHA and utilize it in conjunction with extensive acreage of browse, pasture and grasses to raise healthy and hardy goats in the most natural manner and settings possible. An active goal of ours is to expand and diversify myotonic bloodlines by adding non-local lineage to our herd. Spring 2016 kidding was a success and all kids have been sold, stay tuned as we expect a handful more births sprinkled throughout the year!

Kids – 2018

. . Name: Seven Freedoms Farm Jasmine- 7FF      $350 – SOLD Date of Birth: 2/2/2018 Dam: Olde Tyme Molly Pitcher – 7FF MGR #: Pending Degree of Myotonia: TBD Horned, Brown Eyes, Twin Doeling Fun Facts: I’m the first black doeling my moms had! . . Name: Seven Freedoms Farm Massey Harris- 7FF    $225 – Available Date of […]


Check out our registered myotonic does as well as retained does…more coming this year!

Myotonic Fainting Goats

Bucks & Wethers

Check out our Herd-sire and retained bucklings…more coming this year!

Kids – 2017

. Name: Seven Freedoms Farm Mary Higgins – 7FF      $375 – SOLD Date of Birth: 1/15/2016 Dam: Olde Tyme Molly Pitcher – 7FF MGR #: Pending Degree of Myotonia: 4 Horned, Brown Eyes, Triplet Doeling Fun Facts: I was one of the first to learn how to eat chaffhaye from Mom!  . . Name: Seven Freedoms Farm David Bradley- 7FF   […]

Breedings – 2017

ALL DOES BRED a second season TO GREEN PASTURES JAMES LONGSTREET James is A SUPER SWEET, EASY GOING BOY WITH GREAT MUSCLING. THIS WILL BE HIS Second BREEDING SEASON AS we were very pleased with the generally good-natured personalities and good conformation of his fifteen 2015 kids. James threw OFFSPRING WITH strong black & white COLORATION […]

Breedings – 2016

All does bred to Green Pastures James Longstreet A super sweet, easy going boy with great muscling, James has two Permanent Grand Champions in his pedigree.  This will be his first breeding season, and we can’t wait to see how his kids turn out and can only hope they inherit his wonderful personality. *** Beechkeld […]

Goats in the Snow

Kids – 2016

Name: Seven Freedoms Farm David Brown – 7FF    $250 – Sold Date of Birth:  1/16/2016 MGR #: Pending Degree of Myotonia: 3 Horned, Brown Eyes, Singleton Buckling Fun Facts: I’m a tank! I’m gaining half a pound per day easy! Name: Seven Freedoms Farm Minneapolis Moline- 7FF      $200  – Sold Date of Birth: 1/17/2016 MGR #: Pending Degree of Myotonia: 4 Horned, Brown […]

Betsy Ross' triplet doelings!

Kids – 2015

Check out our new born kids for sale! All will be dam raised, availability and pricing are included – enjoy the cuteness!